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This is Tetsuya Gokan's Home Page in Japan! (Use Netscape 2.0)

This Laboratory brings you to many useful information regarding
electronic handicraft and hobby. Many friends talk their technical
tips and information how to make many kinds of electronics equipment,
toys and how to use new devices. If you have made any equipment or
used new devices, please inform your know-how for adding to this page.

Introduction of My Works

Equipment, Toys, Software
Tranceiver, Robots etc.

CAD & Simulator Software

Freesoft, Shareware
Tips, Way to use

How to use New Devices

One chip CPU, Memory, A/D,D/A
Periferals, EM devices

Know How of Tools

Way to use, Good idea
My Know-how

Other Many Sites

Other sites of Handicraft
Tools to make Home page

Please send your mail about good ideas or other good sites!
Mail Address : gokan@leo.bekkoame.or.jp

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