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This page includes the introduction of CAD and Simulator software.
These are free software or shareware. Then you can download theirs
from each sites. You can test theirs directly can't you!

Schema/PCB CAD Evaluation Package of PADS
Schema/PCB CAD School version of HiWIRE II
Simulator Demo version of PSpice/Win
Schema CAD Schematic editor "CE" free software
Schema/PCB CAD Tango series
Schema/PCB CAD Protel Advance V2
Draft/PCB CAD WinDraft and WinBoard
Schema/Simulator DesignWorks
Simulator SMASH analog simulator
Simulator PeakVHDL VHDL simulator
Simulator SILOS III VHDL simulator
Generator StateCAD State Diagram Editor
Simulator WaveFormaer Timing Diagram Editor

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Evaluation Package of PADS

   PADS evaluation package is unique, because it is the first EDA program
  to be provided as Shareware. This means that the Evaluation Package is
  not simply a demo disk, but a complete, working copy of PADS. It contains
  all of the capabilities of the commercial program, and can produce a
  complete set of netlists and drawing etc. It is only limited in the size
  of the circuit you can create.
   PADS includes PADS-Logic and PADS-PCB. PADS represents a new concept in
  low-cost schematic and PCB capture software. Its intelligent, multi-sheet
  database introduces a new level of functionality in PC-based schematic 
  and PCB package.
  You may use the PADS-Logic alone, or in conjunction with the PADS-PCB
  Evaluation package. 

   - Schematic design max 2 pages       - Output Various Netlist
   - Include over 6000 parts and create new part
   - MS-DOS based software              - Be able to print and save
   - Pattern design automatically from Netlist
   - Automatic routing and layouting    - Be able to print and save

  "How to get"
   (1)Walnut Creek CDROM SIMTEL
         Padslib.zip  , Padslog.zip  , Padspcb.zip
       Copy this three zip files to hard disk and unfreeze these.
       Read INSTALL.DOC to install this. Manuals are including in these.
   (2)Web Home Page of PADS 
       Connect to Internet and brows this by the NETSCAPE.
       The address of this site is introduced in my link page.
   (3)PC-VAN in Japan
        Forum : Electronics life(ELEX)
                OSL #62 PCB_IBM.LZH     #63 PCB_NEC.LZH
                    #21 PTLST.LZH (Tools to listout library)
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School version of HiWIRE II

   The HiWIRE is developed in Wintek Inc. in USA. The school version
   is limited in size of circuit, and not create new library.
   But in another way , library is able to create. So this school
   version is very convenient for the personal electronic handicraft.
   This HiWIRE is included both Schematic editor and Pattern editor in
   the same program. You can print out schematic or pattern, and can
   save in disk.

   "How to get"
     (1)Nifty Serve  Forum : FDEVICE
                             LIB4 #172 HISC203.LZH
     (2)PC-VAN       Forum : Electronics Life (ELEX)
                             OSL #148 SCHOOL.LZH
   (3)BBS          MDS-BBS 048-622-8407 (Matsu densi Inc. in Japan)
Personal library for HiWIRE II Download

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Evaluation version of PSpice/Win

  PSpice is developed in MicroSim Corp.
  The Design Center - System 3 Evaluation version includes Schematics,
  PSpice, Probe, the Stimulus Editor, and Parts programs.  
  With the Design Center - System 3 Evaluation version, the Schematic
  Editor is limited to one page schematics, A-size pages only, and a 
  maximum placement of 20 parts on the page.  The maximum circuit size
  is 64 nodes and 10 active components (or approximately 2 opamps).
  Only a subset of our Model and Symbol Library is included, and the
  device characterization utility is limited to modeling diodes.

 "How to get"
     (1)PC-VAN  Forum : Electronics Life (ELEX)
                OSL #125 PS_WIN.ZIP PSpice Windows DEMO
     (2)MicroSim Corp.
         MicroSim Download Area
           MicroSim Windows Evaluation  Ver 6.2a
           MicroSim PLSyn Evaluation    Ver 6.2a
           MicroSim Filter Designer Evaluation Ver6.2
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Schematic Editor "CE"

   The CE is on line software for design schematics. It is very convenient
   for personal electronic handicraft and hobby. Many utilities were developed
   by user. 

  "How to get"
   (1)Nifty Serve  Forum : FDEVICE
      LIB4 #158 CE24.LZH
                 #140 PTNED010.LZH  CE library pattern editor V1.0
                 #139 LIB2CE  .LZH  CE conversion tool library to art
                 #137 BID_955 .LZH  BID tool 
                 #136 CTP100.LZH    CE to PSpice Rel 1.00
                 #135 PTNS101.LZH   Pattern editor in CE itself V1.01
                 #134 CNET103.LZH   CE Net list utility Rel 1.03
                 #130 LASM110.LZH   Automatic assemble tool for CE library
                 #129               Set up utility for Start up
                 #128 CELIST V3.0   Utility for Part list of CE
                 #126 CEDFMT2.LZH   Data format of CE
      (2)PC-VAN  Forum : Electronics Life (ELEX)
                         OSL #143 CE24.LZH


     This is a freeware version of PCB CAD introduced at BBS NiftyServe.
    "Download site"
    (1)Nifty Serve  FDEVICE
                    LIB4 #179 KBAN194.LZH
    (2)PC-VAN       ELEX
                    OSL  #169 KBAN196.LZH
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TANGO Series Schematic and PCB Editor

    Schematic and PCB Editor developped by ACCEL Technologies Inc.
      This Evaluation version limited SAVE function.
     "Download site"
       (1)PC-VAN  ELEX
                  OSL #10-13 IBM-PC TANGO
                      #87-90 TANGO-PRO for Windows
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PROTEL Advance V2

      High functional Schematic and PCB design software.
      This evaluation version limited SAVE function.
     "How to get"
             Advanced PCB 2 Demo          2.4 MB
             Advanced Schematic 2 Demo    2.4 MB
             Easytrax (DOS freeware)      1.0 MB
             Autotrax Demo (DOS)          0.6 MB
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WinDrafts and WinBoard

  EDA tools featuring schematic capture and PCB layout from IVEX Inc.
    The only restriction is in the capacity of the schematic file or board file.
    You can download adding these programs the WORD document "Getting Started Guide". 
      "Download site"
           WinDraft Version 1.24    1.8 MB
           WinBoard Version 2.10    2.4 MB
           Getting Started Guide    0.3 MB
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  This is a CAD tool for schematic capture and digital simulation for Macintosh
    and Windows from Capilano Computing Sysytems Ltd.
    This demo version limited SAVE function but include many libraries.
      "Download site"
             DesignWorks Demo          2.6 MB
             DesignWorks Demo Manual   0.5 MB
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SMASH Analog/Digital simulator

  EDA tool Supported by Capilano Computing Sysytems Ltd.
    The only restriction is in the capacity of the circuit.
      "Download site"
           SMASH Demo Software       1.3 MB
           SMASH Demo Manual         0.1 MB
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PeakVHDL VHDL simulator

   VHDL simulator supported by Accolade Design Automation
     The only restriction is in the capacity of the circuit.
       "Downlaod site"
           PeakVHDL Simulator Personal Edition Demo Package
                  (Disk 1,2,3,4)
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SILOS III VHDL simulator environment

  VHDL simulator and environment supported by Simucad Inc.
    The only restriction is in the capacity of the circuit.
      "Download site"
           SILOS III trial Software      1.5 MB
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StateCAD Graphic Editor of State Diagram

  This is a simulator and graphic ediotr of State Diagram supported by 
    Visual Software Solutions Inc..
  And generate the state machine to VHDL for synthesis and simualtor.
    The only restriction is in the capacity of the circuit.
     "Download site"
           StateCAD Ver2.10G Demo Package    1.2MB
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WaveFormer Timing Diagram Editor and simulator

  This is a CAD tool for drawing and analyzing timing diagrams supported
    by SynaptiCAD Inc.
    The only restriction is in the capacity of the circuit.
     "Download site"
            WaveFormer v2.5 (32-bit Sparc SunOS)
            WaveFormer v2.5 (32-bit Windows 95,NT,3.11)
            Win32s          (for Windows 3.1 users)
      (2)InterLink in Japan
       WaveFormer ver2.5 Demo Package  1.2MB
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